Air Conditioner Repair Services

regular AC maintenance importance

Are you looking for air conditioner repair services? When your AC stopped working, is noisy, or just not providing enough cool air anymore, then it’s time to have it checked and possibly get repaired. It is essential to get this type of service from professionals who are experienced, equipped, and knowledgeable in all-things HVAC repairs and maintenance. This way, you can be sure that your AC will be up and working as soon as possible. 

AC repair is a job that must not be DIY’d. Many homeowners would look for information on how to repair an AC to save a few dollars. However, DIY’s can result in more damage, void warranties, or even more expensive repairs. So it’s best to call a qualified technician to help you out instead. 

Air Conditioner Repair Services From Pros

We already discussed regular AC maintenance importance because this can actually prevent expensive or unexpected air conditioner repair services. However, just like most appliances, AC’s can stop working at any given time especially when they’re old, overused, or used improperly. 

Call a local contractor that offers AC repair to get your air conditioner repaired right away. They will usually start with an inspection and check whether the problem can be solved with a click of a button or some cleaning. If not, they might inform you about parts replacement, which usually costs some money. Weigh the pros and cons and find out whether a new AC replacement would be more practical compared to buying replacement parts for your old, broken AC. 

You can always ask for advice from the AC contractor you’re getting the air conditioner repair services from. Let them know especially if you’re on a tight budget and if you need the repairs done immediately. Most contractors would also offer free estimates.

What are HVAC Service Contracts?

hvac service contracts

An HVAC service contract is an investment that every homeowner should consider. Investing in a service contract is cheaper than paying for regular HVAC repair. A lot of HVAC manufacturers persuade their clients to have a service contract, which ensures regular repair and servicing of the device without any extra cost.

Each HVAC manufacturers have customized service contract, which mean they vary in terms and costs. The HVAC service contract, however, can be broadly classified under three categories, such as:

  1. Contracts covering only the labor cost, usually of either annual or semiannual planned maintenance visits to check, clean, and adjust equipment.
  2. Contracts are covering labor costs for both maintenance and repair visits plus costs of selected parts.
  3. Contracts covering the labor cost for planned maintenance visits and for unplanned repairs.

Details of the parts covered under the contractor can be found on the contract itself. So, read through it before signing. Depending on the plan, you may choose or reject the contract. However, here it is vital to know that service contracts can be beneficial for many. Let us look at some of its benefits

  1. Priority Customer Service: Irrespective of the urgency, the company will always prioritize its customers. They will address your query on a prompt basis, which means no delay and no waiting.
  2. Discounted Services: HVAC services or repairing offered by the manufacturer are discounted. You may get some free services as well; for instance, the manufacturer may offer two free services. A local contract, on the other hand, won’t provide such offers.
  3. Reliable Service: Availing HVAC service from manufacturers means no-damage repair. At the time of service, if any faulty part is found is replaced by the original part, meaning longer shelve life of the unit. A local contractor, however, may use a counterfeit part.

Having a service contract is always a good idea.

Learn more about regular AC maintenance importance here.

What is Freon?

what is freon

We always hear about Freon when we’re talking about HVAC, AC repairs, and maintenance. What is Freon? Simply explained, it is a refrigerant brand – but since it is the most popular and widely used refrigerant all across the world, many people just call refrigerants Freon.

Freon is a cooling agent comprising nonflammable, low toxicity gases or liquids. The cooling agent is quite commonly used in home appliances like a refrigerator and air conditioner. It is Freon that lets an AC convert hot air into cool air. The AC continues to cool the air until the thermostat drops down the targeted temperature. The temperature, however, drops through the evaporation process undergone by the Freon.

Here’s a quick video we found that shows how you can check Freon levels on your AC system so you can tell whether it is time to recharge.

The compressor in the AC compresses cold Freon gas, and a tiny bit of lubrication is added. Upon compression, the temperature of Freon gas rises. The hot Freon gas then circulates through a series of coils, which lowers its temperature, and we get cool air.

Freon, in short, is a crucial component of the AC, and it requires proper maintenance to ensure its effective working. If the AC stops cooling the room, you may want to call up a professional and get it checked. As Freon is a gas, it may leak and require refilling. But, once the leakage is diagnosed, you may have to get the AC charged with Freon in next summertime. The professional could tell you exactly about the leak and its possible cause.

The leak is diagnosed through electric equipment, a bubbling agent, or UV dye. Once the leak is diagnosed, the professional will remove the remaining cooling agent from the AC while preparing it for refilling or charging. He/she will fix the leak to ensure it doesn’t leak again. Once everything is fixed, the contractor would refill the AC with the cooling agent and test for a leak.

Getting the AC refilled with Freon gas may cost from $150 – $700 depending on the condition of the AC. Nevertheless, it costs more to refill an older unit. You can learn more about your AC Freon refilling requirement by contacting a local HVAC professional.

Regular AC Maintenance Importance

ac maintenance

An air conditioner is no longer just a luxurious piece of home appliance. It is in fact a necessity that many homeowners absolutely need. Some days and nights can get very hot and uncomfortable and so it would be great if there’s an air conditioner that you can use. However, it is also important to remember that regular AC maintenance is necessary if you want to have an efficient AC that’s always functional anytime you need it. 

Maintaining an air conditioner for homes usually involves the following processes: 

  1. Cleaning of AC filters
  2. Cleaning of indoor and outdoor unit
  3. Refilling of freon when needed
  4. Complete inspection of parts to ensure efficiency

Depending on how frequently you use your air conditioners in your home, it is ideal to get it maintained quarterly or at least twice a year. For those who rarely use their air-conditioners except during the hot summer period, then once a year may also be acceptable. Experts advise at least two times each year for a full HVAC service, and clean out on the ductwork.

Is AC Good For Garage?

garage AC

Do you want to keep the garage cool? Most homeowners with a garage complain of stuff getting damaged due to heat trapped inside the area. Though it is possible to cool the garage, it may not be a good idea to have an AC installed in it. Cooling a garage is most complicated for the primary reason of it not being insulated. The heat from outside and from the house does not allow the cool air of the garage to stay. In short, a non-insulated garage will never be as cool as your bedroom.

Of course, there are super powerful air conditioners in the market. Investing in them for the garage would be a waste of money. While choosing the AC for a room, it is essential to consider the ideal temperature level appropriate for the room size, square footage, and heat load. The heat load of a garage is challenging for any AC to take in, and hence no professional would ever advise having an air conditioner installed in the garage.

But, if you want to keep the garage cool, you should consider a proper venting system and have insulated curtains installed to keep the heat outside. Here is how you can keep the garage cool:

1. Open the garage door when it is cool outside. The warm/hot air inside the garage will move out, and the cool air will settle in. But, do close the door at night for security purposes.

2. If you have windows in the garage, you can leave windows open to allow ventilation.

3. Before parking the vehicle, let it cool down outside the garage.

4. Install an insulated curtain to keep out the heat from outside.

5. Get a dehumidifier to lower the humidity level of the garage.

You can also have a ventilation fan installed in the garage and keep it on to allow the proper circulation of air. But, installing an AC in the garage is not a wise idea.

An airconditioner is made to cool down areas where humans are. In home setups, it is used in home interior areas such as the bedroom or kitchen area. When you want to cool down your garage for some reason such as to maintain the appearance and durability of things in storage there including your car, then you can rely on insulation instead. Things in storage must be placed in boxes and containers properly to prevent damage caused by excessive heat. Those that are too valuable and you worry they will be damaged in the heat in the garage should not have been in the garage in the first place. Better yet, if you have inquiries about your AC system or ventilation system, reach out to your local HVAC contractor.

How to Ventilate Basement

how to ventilate basement

Does your basement have a mildew smell that embarrasses you all the time? Relax! It happens with all of us. Because of the lack of airflow and we have to admit, lack of cleaning and maintenance in most basement areas, it is definitely expected to not have a fragrant basement all the time. But it doesn’t have to be smelly either. You should just learn how to ventilate basement at home. 

There are two ways to ventilate the basement – natural and mechanical.

Natural Method: The natural way to beat the odor in the basement involves opening the channels for fresh air current. This method works for those who have some ventilation possibility in their basements, such as windows and doors. Windows must be opened regularly to allow fresh air to sit in and stale air to move out. A wet basement would need advanced ventilation as it needs space to dry the wetness and moisture from the walls, floor, and ceiling. The natural way of killing the odor is the best thing you can do with your home and family.

AC Problems Prevention Tips

ac problems prevention

On a hot summer day, the last thing that anyone would like to deal with is a broken air conditioner. AC, just like any home electric appliance, is subject to wear and tear by time. However, time is not the only culprit. Sometimes, our rough handling can damage the AC. So, here we are with three common AC problems that often protrude from rough usage and tips to prevent such issues in the future. We also included the necessary AC problems prevention tips that hopefully would help you out. 

Reduced airflow in the room: One of the most common problems of AC is decreased airflow in the room. This generally happens when dirt accumulates in the air filter and on the coils. Basic maintenance of the AC can help prevent such a problem in the future.

Leaking refrigerant: The working of the AC largely depends on the refrigerant, which makes the hot and dry air of the room enjoyable. However, a leaking coolant may lead to reduced cooling. The leakage may reduce the level of refrigerant. As the government has set tough guidelines restricting the AC owners from re-charging a leaking coolant, you will have to call the professionals for help. The professionals will repair the leak and help you in getting the HVAC system back to the right levels once again.

Troubled electric control: Frequent shutdown and power on can damage the electric control, which means the AC will fail to maintain the apt room temperature. It is highly advisable to leave the AC on throughout the hot and humid weather. In case you have to go out for some time, raise the temperature by five degrees.

Regular maintenance by your HVAC contractor is what all you need to ensure the AC does not breaks down in the summer season. Carefully operate the AC as it may cost a lot to have one repaired and even more expensive when you need to replace your AC. Besides, a faulty AC may consume more utility and add to the expenses.

How to Save Energy With Your AC

Save Energy With Your AC

If you run your AC occasionally, there are high chances of your paying hefty price for it. Nevertheless, you can save energy without turning off the ACs. Curious to know how? Read on to learn how to save energy with your AC.

1. Set Thermostat High: For air conditioners, the lower you go, the more money you blow. So, if possible, set the thermostat to the highest temperature that will still keep you feeling cool. Maintaining a temperature that’s 10 to 15 degrees higher than the one you’re used to for 8 hours should save you up to 10% on your cooling bills every year.

2. Prevent Sun Heat: Some sun rays are good for us, just not during the hottest days of the summer when you and your family are melting in the heat, and your AC unit is doing the best it can to keep everyone cool. The heat that sunlight brings can make your AC unit work harder to cool your home, and an AC unit working hard means it’s consuming more power than it should. So, keep the blinds, curtains, and drapes closed to keep the sun out.

3. Clear Air Filter: Over time, the air filters on our air conditioners collect dust and debris, and eventually restrict airflow. When airflow is interrupted, your AC unit will strain to keep your home cool, and that will make it use more energy. Do not wait for your air filters to become clogged. Cleaning and changing them every 30 to 90 days should keep the air flowing smoothly through your unit. Also, it would be best to get help from a licensed HVAC technician whenever you need AC maintenance.

4. Use Ceiling Fan: Ceiling fans help circulate cool air throughout the house, and that means your AC doesn’t have to work as hard to pump cool air into the room. The improved air circulation should also allow you to set your thermostat four degrees higher without reducing your comfort. Ceiling fans use less electricity and they help your AC unit do its job more efficiently.

Air conditioners play a huge role in making your home comfortable. Cut on your electricity bill with the aforementioned tips and enjoy a relaxing summertime with family inside the house.   

Is It Time to Replace Your Air Conditioner?


Air-conditioning units are usually a very expensive investment. Especially if you are getting an AC for your commercial property or place of business, then you are probably getting a large unit that costs a lot of money. Naturally, residential air-conditioning units are a tad bit cheaper because these are smaller units that are designed to cool smaller rooms or areas that are not as large as commercial properties. Although these AC units are built to be tough and durable enough to last for many years, there will surely be a time that you have to replace them. So the question you might have, is it time to replace your air conditioner? Below are some tips to keep in mind.

replace air conditioner

As they say, you don’t have to fix something that isn’t broken. The same goes when it comes to replacing your air conditioner. But should you really wait until it stops working completely before replacing it? We guess not. Of course, being broken is not the only time you want to replace an AC. Sometimes, there are newer models in the market that come out that are more energy-efficient and can save you lots of money in the long run.

Sometimes the older units are not as efficient as the new ones that have the technology for energy efficiency and better functionality. Sometimes it might seem like buying a new air-conditioning is a more expensive option than just having your old one repaired, however, if you think of all the energy savings that you can get plus the convenience and comfort of enjoying a brand new air condition her that functions perfectly, then it is definitely a better investment.

When you are in doubt whether is it time to replace your air conditioner, simply ask your trusted HVAC contractor for expert advice. More often than not these companies will assist you and let you know exactly whether it is better to just replace an AC or if you can just have it repaired.

How Air Conditioners Work?

how air conditioners work

It is wondrous to see how air conditioner converts warm air into the cold air for us to relish on cool summer weather inside the homes and offices. The entire process of air conversion relies on a technique that uses refrigeration to chill the indoor air through a physical law which states that a liquid, when converted to a gas through the phase conversion process, absorbs heat.

The refrigerants are the prime compounds of the ACs that have properties to convert at comparatively low temperatures. The other components of an air conditioner include fans that transfer warm air of the room with the cold air produced by the coils filled with refrigerant.

The air conditioner converts the hot air of the room with the cold air by releasing low-pressure through coils and refrigerants that absorb the heat while converting it from a liquid to a gaseous state. It once again converts the refrigerant gas to the liquid form to ensure the effective working of the air conditioner.

For this, the compressors put the gas under high pressure which leads to the creation of extra heat that is evacuated to the outdoors. It is, in fact, this heat that we feel when passing through the compressor of an air conditioner. While the gas cools, it one more time changes to the liquid form. In short, the process of air conditioning restarts. It is an unending process unless and until the coil, refrigerant, and compressor continue to work effectively.

All these processes, of course, comes with a cost. You need to invest in a good kind of AC with the right capacity and model that would best work for a room or area of your home or place of business. These AC units do not usually come cheap. So anytime you need maintenance and repairs, make sure you’re getting in touch with a qualified HVAC technician to ensure that you can have your peace of mind and confidence that they will get the job done properly.

HVAC – How to Become a Qualified HVAC Technician


Qualified HVAC TechnicianHow to become a qualified HVAC technician is very important. First you must study hard and make sure you understand HVAC. This is important so you know how to work on HVAC. The more you can learn about HVAC the better you will be in your job.

Sometimes air-conditioning systems do not work well and you need to be able to fix them properly and in a timely manner. As long as you can fix then your training has gone well and you can consider yourself an expert or at least close to one.

But sometimes, for non-technicians who need to fix their AC or heating system at home, you cannot easily fix an AC system and you need to hire a technician. This is why it is always important to become a technician. We always recommend going to school to study to become a technician. These courses can be challenging and require work, but the more you study the better technician you will be in the long run. And for this reason being a technician is always going to be a challenge but that is why it is considered a technical job.

Truth be told, a lot of the information you need to learn how to become an HVAC technician are found online. A quick search on Google or YouTube will lead you to tons of information. However, unless you’re getting your information from reputable sources, how can you be sure that you’re learning the right thing? When you try what you learned on your own AC or heater and end up damaging it, then you might have to spend even more money compared to if you just hired a professional in the first place.

So if you want to become a qualified HVAC technician, remember that you must learn from the experts. If you have to, get a paid course to make sure that you’re getting the information you need.

HVAC – Essential Facts to Be Considered


HVAC factsYou probably know very well by now that your home or office’s HVAC system plays a very important role in your daily life. It can improve the overall comfort of your surroundings. More importantly, a well-maintained HVAC system plays a huge role in making sure that the air your breathe or the indoor air quality remains at a healthy and safe level. However, when your HVAC system does not work properly or is not maintained regularly, you might have to spend a lot of money on repairs, replacements, and other fixes. It gets even worse when your family or employees in your office get sick because of poor indoor air quality.

When it comes to your HVAC system, here are some of the most essential facts to be considered:

Keep your HVAC system regularly maintained – Hire an HVAC technician at least twice or thrice a year to ensure that your AC and heating systems are clean and well-maintained.

Don’t play around with DIY methods – An HVAC system is a pretty expensive investment and so if you experiment with DIY methods, you might end up dealing with costly repairs. When there’s irreversible damage, you might even have to replace your entire HVAC system.

Always hire a licensed HVAC technician – Of course, there’ll be a lot of other options out there from people who are claiming to be knowledgeable in repairing or servicing an HVAC system. However, you must always put your trust in someone who is licensed to get the work done. This way, you can have your well-deserved peace of mind that your HVAC system will be just fine.

Search around in your area for trusted HVAC companies who can send out licensed technicians. These people also have a good set of equipment and tools that will help them carry out any HVAC-related job.

Best Things That You Can Get From HVAC Service


Planning to hire an HVAC technician? If so, you should know about the best things that you can get from HVAC service. It’s true that you can learn a lot of tips and techniques on how to do some heating, ventilation, and air conditioning services by yourself. However, nothing beats the excellent service you get from a professional who learned through years of experience.

So here are the best things you can expect when you’re hiring a professional for HVAC service:

Best Things That You Can Get From HVAC Service

  1. Licensed and Insured: More often than not, licensed professionals are insured when working on the job. At times, HVAC repairs and servicing can be risky or even dangerous especially if your units or systems are placed in hard to reach areas. You can have peace of mind when you know that your HVAC tech is insured while on the job.
  2. Affordable Service: Sometimes people push back the thought of hiring a pro because it might be expensive. But the truth is it could even be cheaper because you won’t have to worry about irreversible damages that could make the overall repair even more expensive. After all, you can always ask your HVAC tech for a free quote before working on the job!
  3. Quick and Timely Repair: When one is experimenting on how to repair or service an HVAC system, then it will take more time. However, when you’re working with a licensed and qualified HVAC technician, then you can expect them to finish the job quickly and get your HVAC system running in no time.
  4. Complete Set of Tools and Equipment: A licensed technician will always have his tools and equipment with him. Someone who doesn’t specifically work on HVAC systems will probably have to buy more tools or spend more time looking for the things they need before getting work done.

So if you’re considering hiring a pro to work on your HVAC system, then you are indeed making a great choice!