AC Problems Prevention Tips

ac problems prevention

On a hot summer day, the last thing that anyone would like to deal with is a broken air conditioner. AC, just like any home electric appliance, is subject to wear and tear by time. However, time is not the only culprit. Sometimes, our rough handling can damage the AC. So, here we are with three common AC problems that often protrude from rough usage and tips to prevent such issues in the future. We also included the necessary AC problems prevention tips that hopefully would help you out. 

Reduced airflow in the room: One of the most common problems of AC is decreased airflow in the room. This generally happens when dirt accumulates in the air filter and on the coils. Basic maintenance of the AC can help prevent such a problem in the future.

Leaking refrigerant: The working of the AC largely depends on the refrigerant, which makes the hot and dry air of the room enjoyable. However, a leaking coolant may lead to reduced cooling. The leakage may reduce the level of refrigerant. As the government has set tough guidelines restricting the AC owners from re-charging a leaking coolant, you will have to call the professionals for help. The professionals will repair the leak and help you in getting the HVAC system back to the right levels once again.

Troubled electric control: Frequent shutdown and power on can damage the electric control, which means the AC will fail to maintain the apt room temperature. It is highly advisable to leave the AC on throughout the hot and humid weather. In case you have to go out for some time, raise the temperature by five degrees.

Regular maintenance by your HVAC contractor is what all you need to ensure the AC does not breaks down in the summer season. Carefully operate the AC as it may cost a lot to have one repaired and even more expensive when you need to replace your AC. Besides, a faulty AC may consume more utility and add to the expenses.