Is AC Good For Garage?

garage AC

Do you want to keep the garage cool? Most homeowners with a garage complain of stuff getting damaged due to heat trapped inside the area. Though it is possible to cool the garage, it may not be a good idea to have an AC installed in it. Cooling a garage is most complicated for the primary reason of it not being insulated. The heat from outside and from the house does not allow the cool air of the garage to stay. In short, a non-insulated garage will never be as cool as your bedroom.

Of course, there are super powerful air conditioners in the market. Investing in them for the garage would be a waste of money. While choosing the AC for a room, it is essential to consider the ideal temperature level appropriate for the room size, square footage, and heat load. The heat load of a garage is challenging for any AC to take in, and hence no professional would ever advise having an air conditioner installed in the garage.

But, if you want to keep the garage cool, you should consider a proper venting system and have insulated curtains installed to keep the heat outside. Here is how you can keep the garage cool:

1. Open the garage door when it is cool outside. The warm/hot air inside the garage will move out, and the cool air will settle in. But, do close the door at night for security purposes.

2. If you have windows in the garage, you can leave windows open to allow ventilation.

3. Before parking the vehicle, let it cool down outside the garage.

4. Install an insulated curtain to keep out the heat from outside.

5. Get a dehumidifier to lower the humidity level of the garage.

You can also have a ventilation fan installed in the garage and keep it on to allow the proper circulation of air. But, installing an AC in the garage is not a wise idea.

An airconditioner is made to cool down areas where humans are. In home setups, it is used in home interior areas such as the bedroom or kitchen area. When you want to cool down your garage for some reason such as to maintain the appearance and durability of things in storage there including your car, then you can rely on insulation instead. Things in storage must be placed in boxes and containers properly to prevent damage caused by excessive heat. Those that are too valuable and you worry they will be damaged in the heat in the garage should not have been in the garage in the first place. Better yet, if you have inquiries about your AC system or ventilation system, reach out to your local HVAC contractor.