What is Freon?

what is freon

We always hear about Freon when we’re talking about HVAC, AC repairs, and maintenance. What is Freon? Simply explained, it is a refrigerant brand – but since it is the most popular and widely used refrigerant all across the world, many people just call refrigerants Freon.

Freon is a cooling agent comprising nonflammable, low toxicity gases or liquids. The cooling agent is quite commonly used in home appliances like a refrigerator and air conditioner. It is Freon that lets an AC convert hot air into cool air. The AC continues to cool the air until the thermostat drops down the targeted temperature. The temperature, however, drops through the evaporation process undergone by the Freon.

Here’s a quick video we found that shows how you can check Freon levels on your AC system so you can tell whether it is time to recharge.

The compressor in the AC compresses cold Freon gas, and a tiny bit of lubrication is added. Upon compression, the temperature of Freon gas rises. The hot Freon gas then circulates through a series of coils, which lowers its temperature, and we get cool air.

Freon, in short, is a crucial component of the AC, and it requires proper maintenance to ensure its effective working. If the AC stops cooling the room, you may want to call up a professional and get it checked. As Freon is a gas, it may leak and require refilling. But, once the leakage is diagnosed, you may have to get the AC charged with Freon in next summertime. The professional could tell you exactly about the leak and its possible cause.

The leak is diagnosed through electric equipment, a bubbling agent, or UV dye. Once the leak is diagnosed, the professional will remove the remaining cooling agent from the AC while preparing it for refilling or charging. He/she will fix the leak to ensure it doesn’t leak again. Once everything is fixed, the contractor would refill the AC with the cooling agent and test for a leak.

Getting the AC refilled with Freon gas may cost from $150 – $700 depending on the condition of the AC. Nevertheless, it costs more to refill an older unit. You can learn more about your AC Freon refilling requirement by contacting a local HVAC professional.